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CORRADI WORLD - Creative Direction and Gianluca Rossi

Responsible for the original design-mindset inside Corradi is this well respected Italian design guru, Gianluca Rossi. After being awarded his degree in Architecture in Florence, Italy, Gianluca ran his own architectural practice in San Francisco, USA at the Berkley University. From 1995 until 2007 he was the appointed contract professor in the Restoration Laboratory of Architecture in the Architecture Faculty of Ferrara.

Whilst still involved with his studies, he worked for a few years in Milan for Giorgio Armani and collaborated on the preparation of  yachts for Christensen & Ship in Portland (USA).

He also designed several expositions in the Fuori Salone del Mobile at the Superstudio+ in Via Tortona. These included the Elle Decor Caffè 2008, 2009 and 2010, Basement Young Talents on Show in 2009 and 2010, and Undercostruction 2007 in collaboration with Paola Lenti and Studio Bestetti.

In addition, he practiced temporarily at Atelier Marazzi in Via Solferino, Milan, and was also responsible for the restyling of Area M, at Marazzi in Bologna, Allestimento Marazzi Group Cersaie 2009 - 2010 and MADEexpo 2010, Allestimento for Il Casone and Budri ad Abitare il Tempo 2010, as well as Marmomacc 2010.

In his private capacity, he participated in a lot of work involving building restoration, new housing, clothing shops and industrial structures on major interior design projects across the globe, in Italy, the U.S.A, Canada and the United Arab Emirates.  It is worthwhile noting that from the beginning of his profession Gianluca has always focused on researching new materials and useing them in his design projects.

Over many years he has been published on numerous occasions in architectural journals like Elle Decor, Progetti, Airone, Archeologia Viva and other specialised magazines. Although no longer with Corradi, his legacy remains, and good design prevails. Currently he is director of the Architecture Uainot Office in Bologna. He is also the Artistic Director for the Marazzi Group which is of course part of the Ferrari Group.


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