Corradi's Impact® retractable roof system was used on the V & A Waterfront in Cape Town to provide an interesting dimension to their latest development aimed at providing visitors with a new experience at the Quayside Terraces. Our local Cape Town dealer AC Screens & Shutters were responsible for the installation. RobertSilke & Partners were the architects responsible for the design.

We quote directly from the V & A Waterfront website:

"The new, permanent, glass-and-steel designed structure has replaced the spattering of umbrellas that, until recently, lined the terrace area overlooking Quay 5 basin. Now complete, the service area for each restaurant flows out to include the outdoor terrace immediately in front of their restaurant. This gives diners the option of either being seated indoors, or enjoying an alfresco meal at each restaurant, regardless of the weather. 

 In addition to offering greater protection from Cape Town’s notorious storms in winter and the South-Easter in summer, the new, transparent structure will still offer the magnificent harbour views for which restaurants at the V&A Waterfront are well-known. The installation has also improved access to the restaurant area, and created a clear line-of-sight that enhances the customer experience of the range of restaurant offerings. "

Corradi is certainly hopeful to do more projects. According to AC Screens & Shutters CEO Leon Schipper, more inquiries have already been received. Corradi products are an ideal solution to counter Cape Town's notorious weather. With our products restaurant personnel no longer have to run around closing and putting away umbrellas. A simple press of a button is all that is required.

Another factor for HORECA industries to consider is that an investment in a Corradi structure is certain to pay for itself in the medium to long term. Outdoor areas that would previously become inhospitable in poor weather conditions, can now be used irrespective of ambient conditions. Thus it ensures that no tables and seats are lost, which has a very significant impact on profitability. In addition, the venue has the option to retract the roof and sides for those visitors wishing to enjoy the beautiful weather.

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Our sincere thanks to RobertSilke & Partners and The V & A Waterfront for supplying us with images and renders.


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