As an architect working within the more upmarket sector, you will know that the design of the various outdoor spaces have become a much more important and significant element in the total design of your projects than was the case some years ago. Unfortunately, up to now, there have not been that many options available on the South African market with regard to awnings.  Some architects have managed to do attractive and ingenious designs but it takes time and effort from both architect and contractor and there are still limitations that impede full exploration of all possible options because the technology has not been available.

The client's needs have expanded and become more demanding, in terms of elements such as natural sunlight, climate control, and most importantly, the aesthetic appeal and general functionality of outdoor spaces.


Clients are also more demanding in requiring more unique and individual designs that will enhance not only their homes/restaurants/commercial spaces aesthetically, but also compliment the their lifestyle or the needs of their clients (in the case of restaurants). It has become necessary to employ more lateral, 'out of the box' thinking in how we approach outdoor designs. This is where Corradi can assist.

Corradi produces bespoke outdoor living spaces that have been developed through extensive research and many years of experience in the field. We produce around 3000+ structures per year globally, thus providing us with a plethora of different scenarios and challenges, adding all the time to our experience. We have 21 different models of awnings with numerous additional optional extras such as lights, vertical closures and false ceilings, all of which are designed and engineered to the highest European standards. The versatility of our structures ensure that we are able to address almost any outdoor space, whether it be attached to a 700 year old building in Italy, our a contemporary, ultra modern designed house in Sandton.

We are therefore able to assist you, the architect, with design options that will enhance your existing design, saving you time and effort, and enabling you in providing your clients with something unique and special for their outdoor spaces.  Our design-pedigree is impressive and our products are the best that money can buy, typical of our Italian roots.

We therefore invite you to make a nice cuppa, and then go and explore our website, and allow the inspiration to set your creative juices flowing... Enjoy!


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