It's a time to celebrate!

In 1978 the Corradi brothers , Rafaelle and Alberto started out their awning installation business, young, enthusiastic and full of hope and ambition in the beautiful Italian city of Bologna. Little did they know that their genius, commitment and innovation would one day turn Corradi into a giant in the industry.


The turning point (and a quantum leap for the industry), came 20 years later, with the design of the first retractable roof - the very first Pergotenda®. Since then we have seen the refinement and development of the original Pergotenda® to a level so far ahead, so unique, that it remains unmatched in the awning industry. Unparalleled creativity, style and cutting edge technology has firmly established  Corradi's position as the 'go-to' company for discerning customer.

We will however not rest on our laurels. Our mission is to continue designing holistic, versatile  and beautiful outdoor spaces, where our clients find the solace, tranquility and pleasure that only nature can provide. Our confidence comes from knowing and trusting in the extraordinary talent pool of the people we employ - people who are passionate, committed with a deep desire to please the most important person in our business - our customer. Combine that with the extensive experience we have gained from thousands of installation across the globe over many years, and it is easy to find the reason for our success.

For now we will drink our champagne, and reflect on our path that lead us to where we are, and will look to the future. We will keep on innovating, researching and developing , never satisfied, never complacent, never losing momentum, always exploring and pushing the boundaries of what is possible, to ensure that our customers can revel in the satisfaction of owning a genuine Corradi creation - an Outdoor Living Space of distinction.



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