Corradi Journey Milan 2018Milan is considered the centre of the universe when it comes to design and architecture, and for good reason. No designer, architect or fashionista can truly claim to be complete unless they have visited the Mecca of Design.

Let's face it, the Italians have been involved in design for longer than anyone else, starting as early as the 14th century with the Renaissance, for their search for combining beauty and functionality. We only need to recall the classical genius of giants like Michelangelo, Da Vinci, Raphael, Botticelli, Donatello... and the list goes on.


Since then the trend has continued unabated. The names may have changed, but the accolades for Italian design is kept firmly in place, irrespective of the industry (architecture, furniture, fashion, automobiles). Just think of names like Armani, Gucci, Paola Lenti, Poltrona Frau, Ferrari, Lamborghini and a host of others, and the ooh's and aah's escape wistfully from the mouths of admirers across the globe.

Corradi will this year, take it's place proudly, in the company of names like these at the Milano Design Week, an annual event where designers and architect's will flock to for inspiration, and other mere mortals will attend just to soak in the many beautiful exhibits on show. In fact, we will participate in no less than five macro events at three different locations.

As part of an ideal journey with different symbolic stops presenting design, innovation and artistic expression: each stop embodies one of the many facets that visitors can experience during the famous Milanese week. It starts with Superstudio Più in Tortona, where Material Connexion - with its two Smart City and Materials Village concepts - reinvents the city of the future, presenting all the technologies capable of realizing it in an inclusive, smart and green setting.

In the double role of Sponsor and Technical Partner, Corradi's contribution will be to create Smart Garden, a modular and multi-sensory space conceived by the architect Giulio Ceppi, in which the Defense sun sail contributes to creating an area where the green component acts as a support for multimedia audio and video devices, maximizing the use of the outdoor space.

The same locations and design goals are valid for Materials Village, this year in its fifth edition, which has chosen as its main theme the circular economy. Here we find the Maestro Bioclimatic pergola, giving life to a project that is in ideal continuity with Smart Garden and where human handiwork fits perfectly within an outdoor setting, creating added value in terms of functionality and the aesthetic.

But the journey does not end here. We continue on to the next "stop", the Brera Design District, where Piazza San Marco and the cloister of the same name will be transformed for the occasion, hosting Design Outdoor Taste and Able to Design + art. With the former, the piazza is transformed into an effervescent urban garden, an oasis of wellness -Water and Mediterranean, the key theme of the ideas presented and that together will propose different ways of living the outdoors, always in the name of a lifestyle that pays homage to beauty, well-being, the value of time and the way it is spent. The second project calls for a broader reflection on creativity, on what skills are needed to implement it, and how it can translate into a creation capable of improving contemporary living.

Corradi will also be present at DoT with Pergotenda®Maestro, Maestro Bioclimatic in its Rock Version, and again, with the ever-present Defense sun sail, installed both on the piazza and inside the cloister for Able to Design, in collaboration with the famous Jacuzzi brand.

Last of this exposition but certainly not least, the stop at Palazzo Bovara, where Corradi returns for the second time as a partner of Elle Decor, who this year presents On Life Generations, a concept focusing on the meeting between digital and analogue in the living spaces of today and tomorrow. The program will include meetings, workshops, talks and studies in the interior and exterior areas of this historic location, where two Pergotenda® Millenium Celebs® will become part of the immersive installation of the store designed for the new generations.

So, if you find yourself in beautiful Milan between 17 and 22 April 2018, come and join our journey, where you will find inspiration, knowledge, innovation and networking opportunities in abundance.

You can find us at:

Superstudio Più – Via Tortona, 27

Accreditations online at:


Smart Garden – outdoor exhibition area

Materials Village – indoor exhibition area


Brera Design District – San Marco Project


DOT – Design To Taste, Piazza San Marco

ABLE TO design + art, Via S. Marco 2


Elle Decor - OnLife

Palazzo Bovara – Corso Venezia 51

(Press preview – 16 April)

We are waiting for you!




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