Bioclimatic (Louver) Awnings

Design Genius by the Outdoor Alchemist

These beautiful, minimalist, designer awnings bring a brand new dimension to the concept of Outdoor Living Space. Designed with state-of-the art technology, the structure utilises a blade system that rotate to control light and shadow. The main advantage is that the open blades will allow hot air to rise up and out, whilst still providing shade during those hot summer days.


The blades are specifically designed to disperse rain water quickly and effectively into the integrated gutter system, feeding it into one or more of the pillars that serve as down pipes. A perfect fit, with rubberised gaskets in between the perfectly fitting blades prevents leaks. Another innovation by Corradi in the shape of the blades prevents any residual water on the roof from falling to the ground if the blades are opened after recent rains. The blades rotate up to 140 degrees, which means that even the top can be easily cleaned from underneath the structure.

 In addition there are different options for also enclosing the sides, whether with glass and aluminium or with our fully integrated vertical blind system (Ermetika®).

(Click on the images below to see and read more about the different models available)




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