Corradi - Pergotenda® (Pergolas with retractable roofing)

Gone are the days of leaky, ugly patio awnings that so often seem too look like an added afterthought. Now you can decide to be indoors or outdoors with the simple press of a button, no matter what the weather conditions. The Pergotenda® is a patented, retractable covering structure that combines innovative materials, cutting-edge technology and superior design-elements, to provide protection against the elements in any season.

Each awning is custom designed and manufactured according to specification by our highly qualified team in Bologna, Italy. Pergotenda® awnings provide true versatility that will fit in with any architectural style, from classical to contemporary, in the innovative use of aluminium or wood, anchored to a wall or self-standing, flat or tilted. You can also choose to have this outdoor haven constructed with the perimeter sides open or closed (with Ermetika® automated blinds or aluminium and glass).Numerous choices are now available in these beautiful, customized and personalized patio awnings, allowing you to maximize the enjoyment of any outdoor area, transforming it into a welcoming haven, even in the strongest sun, wind or rain. Pergotenda® patio awnings are  available exclusively through the network of Corradi Authorized Retailers.


(Click on the images below to see and read more about each individual product in the range.)

Pergotenda® Maestro
Pergotenda® Millenium Cel...
Pergotenda® Millenium
Pergotenda Palladia
Pergotenda® 45-60
Pergotenda® B-Space
Pergotenda® Twin
Pergotenda® Kubo
Pergotenda® Flux
Pergotenda® 120
Pergotenda® Move
Pergotenda® Arko
Pergotenda® 100
Pergotenda Exyl


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