Corradi - Sail Awnings

These beautiful and impressive sail awnings are the result of an intense planning operation, using cutting edge nautical technology and design. They retract completely within a few seconds thanks to an innovative motorized or manual mechanism. The use of premium materials such as stainless steel, anodized aluminium, Tempotest Star® resin-treated polyester canvas, and Dacron® (the same material used for yacht sails), ensures very low maintenance and excellent resistance to atmospheric conditions. This makes Corradi Outdoor Living Space sails an original, refined and effective solution for wide range of outdoor applications.

Whether you need small or large areas covered, these sails offer a broad range of design possibilities, as they can be used alone or in different custom-designed combinations, as a number of  different sails can be used together, in a modular and interchangeable way, to create customized shaded areas of any size or configuration. Another huge advantage is that the sails are removable for branding, easy cleaning, or general maintenance, ensuring that your dream outdoor living space always looks beautiful, whether you have a private home or a commercial or hospitality venue.

Click on the images below to see more of each range.

Maestrale and Intrepid
Scirocco and Magical
Defense Wall Mounted


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